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Lillebaby Doll Carrier - Donuts and Sprinkles

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The lillebaby DOLL CARRIER – Turquoise with a Donut Print  is a delightful mini carrier designed for young children aged 3 years  and older to experience the nurturing fun of carrying their special doll or teddy.

This is a delightful gift for any child and makes a fantastic present for an older sibling for the occasion of welcoming a new baby brother or sister  into the home. See big brother or sister rise up to the joy and delight of carrying their favorite toy or doll with them.

The perfect accessory to match the grown up version of the Donuts and Sprinkles All Seasons baby carrier.

Please note: Use as a toy only by children minimum age 3 years old with supervision by an adult. Never carry children or live animals in this product. Please follow the manufacturers guidelines on the product label.      Machine-wash cold on gentle cycle.


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