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Zarpar Bebe Teething Pads

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Protect your beautiful carrier from your teething, chewing little babe.

100% cotton, fully machine washable.

Reduce how often you need to wash your baby carrier by simply washing your teething pads instead.  No more going without your carrier on wash day! 

Simply wrap around the straps of your baby carrier and snap together on the underside.

Fits both our Snap & Wrap Baby Carriers and most other brands.


About Zarpar Bebe...

Zarpar Bebe was created to provide a beautiful, simple and ethical solution for those mindful parents on a journey through natural parenting practices.  We want to allow parents the freedom to explore and connect to the world by simply experiencing life together.

Jemma is the designer and creator of all the beauty you see in Zarpar Bebe. She is a mum (probably like you) to 3 beautiful little beings, Kyon, Zahlee & Aruana and her passion is to create naturally inspired, yet practical products to simplify your every day. To empower you to bravely follow your instincts. 

Zarpar Bebe

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