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Ankalia Up Buckle Baby Carrier - Atari Tetris (White Out)

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Ankalia’s Up buckle baby carrier is suitable from newborns through to toddler and preschooler sizes. Made from 100% natural fibres, our carrier is safe, soft and delicate against your babies skin making it a high quality product that is best for your baby.


Designed for comfort, speed, and ease of use, the Ankalia Up baby carrier gives caregivers another carrier alternative to our other woven wraps and slings.

Made entirely in house at Ankalia's headquarters, the Up is made to the highest standards from quality Ankalia fabrics, so you can carry your child knowing they are safe in your new carrier.

Up Features:

  • Fabric is 100% Australian designed and made

  • Dual adjustable waistband

  • Supportive foam waistband that is comfortable and flexible

  • Carrier comes pre-washed and ready to wear

Version 4 features include:

  • high density shoulder padding with narrower straps
  • each standard Up comes with a newborn adjuster suitable from birth or 3.5kg

The Standard size panel is 13.5" wide and 15.0" tall. This carrier should fit comfortably up to around 2 years old, depending on the height of your child. Suitable from birth or 3.5kg, the Up buckle baby carrier is there as your baby grows and reaches those developmental stages of becoming a toddler.


About Ankalia...

Ankalia Textiles is dedicated to bringing high quality Australian-made jacquard woven wraps to the babywearing community


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