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Wildberry Art Fabric Wall Decals - Mrs Wellington

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Introducing Wildberry Art Fabric Wall Decal Stickers!

Are you creating an enchanting garden themed wonderland for your child's bedroom or nursery? 

Fall in love with the delightful Mrs Wellington the Hedgehog.

These stunning pieces of art, have been created into easy-to-use fabric wall decals, and instantly add a beautiful touch of nature into your child’s room. 

Imagine your baby waking up and seeing these just above their cot - that adorable, kind face looking back. And when they are old enough, theu will be able to peel them off and create their own stories with them on their wall, over and over again. 

They make for a beautiful baby gift! 

Mrs Wellington Fabric wall decal is approximately 13cm x 12cm


Reusable. Removable. Durable. Kid Safe Ink. Fun. Easy to use!

The beauty of these Fabric Wall Decals is that they can be reapplied many times over without damaging the sticker itself or the surface they’re applied to, letting you transform the room! A fabulous option for renters!

These Fabric Decals are created and designed from the illustrations and paintings by the artist, Jenny Richardson.


These Fabric Wall Decals have a luxurious soft textural feel to them and are flexible (the fabric breathes as you smooth them on). They are created with safe ink, are odourless, toxin free.  

Reusable. Removable. Durable. Kid Safe Ink. Fun. Easy to use!

Wildberry Art