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Blabla Balthazar the Bunny Doll Large

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Blabla Dolls are made from 100% cotton and hand knitted. 

Soft and cuddly, they are adored by big and little people alike.  Choose from an assortment of affectionate characters - animals such as bears, monkeys, owls, cats and dogs, fairy tale dolls, mermaids and garden doll.  Each style of doll has their own unique name and will be a much loved favourite friend in an instant.


Mini-Approx 32cm in size

Large-Approx 45-55cm in size.

Blabla dolls are an Infant Boutique favourite!


About Blabla...

Blabla means nothing and everything, it's a swirl of letters flying, a small word for a big idea...."Happiness fits in the palm of the hand".  Blabla searches for beauty, authenticity and laughter.

BlaBla's collection is designed by Florence Wetterwald and knitted by Peruvian artisans.  Everything is made from natural fibers of exceptional quality grown in Peru, making the products irresistibly soft and cuddly.  Blabla takes pride in its fair trade ethics and genuine commitments. Florence's poetic, simple and vibrant style combined with the ancestral knowledge of the knitters has created products which look contemporary, yet feel like old friends. Blabla creations bring a smile to both big and small people.


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