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Nana Huchy Puggle the Echidna

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Ever since his papa read him Wind in the Willows, Puggle has wanted to be English. He speaks with a British accent (though slips back into an Aussie one when he's excited or hungry), dresses like a British person, and loves tea and scones. This toy echidna is eccentric, entertaining and adorable. There isn't a bad bone in his body- even his spikes are soft.

Dimensions: 26cm x 22cm x 17cm


About Nana Huchy...

Ice cream, warm summer breezes and country cottages in France were all part of the inspiration behind the Melbourne based label, Nana Huchy. Established in 2003, their aim was to create a classic range of home wares with a deliciously contemporary twist.

Nana Huchy products embody the elegance of a time gone by and combine it with a fresh, practical purpose. You'll discover beautiful materials, the colour palette of a child's imagination and superior quality that reflects the time taken ensuring every piece is meticulously crafted.

"Exquisite designs are at the core of every piece ..."

Their luxurious range make the perfect gift and is sure to add that much-needed touch of mischief to life's essentials. As cute as candy - So yummy you'll want to eat it, So sweet you'll want to keep it.

Nana Huchy