Discoveroo Windmill Stackeroo


Introducing the Discoveroo Windmill Stackeroo, a delightful twist on the classic stacker toy. With its vibrant colors and innovative features, this stacker offers a unique and educational play experience. The seven colorful rings can be stacked on a central pole, and the top ring spins like a windmill, adding a touch of fascination to the play.

Each round ring has two holes, allowing children to explore three-dimensional concepts as they thread the rings onto the pole. This promotes spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. The stacker’s height of 18cm is perfect for little hands to grasp and manipulate.

Crafted from environmentally friendly Plantation wood and painted with safe, non-toxic paints, the sturdy construction ensures durability, providing long-lasting play value. Watch as your child explores color, size, and motion while developing fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.

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Materials: Plantation wood and safe paints

For Ages: 18 Months +

Dimensions: 18cm Tall




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