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Little Meme Designs Ribbed Socks

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The Little Meme Designs Vintage Knee High Ribbed Socks


Size Guide:

XS: 0-12 months

S: 1-3 Years




About Little Meme Designs...

Little MeMe Designs is a small business with a big soul! Based in QLD Mum of 3, Emma, created Little Meme Designs four years ago with the arrival of her first daughter, and the love for unique and creative pieces for babies. She began as a small handmade business and has flourished since then developing and moving into a line of genuine leather footwear and hat wear collection. The vision for her store is continually growing and she is passionate about designing and creating quality products for our little loves. Each season a new collection is released with the intent of make gifting easy, unique and of course, stylish. 

Little Meme Designs