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The Story Behind Second Scout

As parents, we all know the daily struggles of getting our little ones to cooperate with tasks that seem simple to us but can feel like monumental challenges to them. Whether it’s tidying up, brushing teeth, or getting ready for bed, these routine activities often turn into battlegrounds of negotiation and frustration. Megan, the founder of Second Scout, experienced these struggles firsthand with her eldest daughter, which led her to embark on a mission to create a solution that not only eased the burden on parents but also empowered children to take charge of their daily routines.

The journey of Second Scout began when Megan, like many parents, faced the common challenges of getting her daughter to follow through with daily tasks without constant reminders and battles. Determined to find a solution, Megan devised a simple yet ingenious idea: DIY laminated picture prompts to guide her daughter through her daily routine. The effectiveness of this approach not only relieved stress for Megan and her husband but also instilled a sense of independence and responsibility in their daughter.

However, Megan’s creativity didn’t stop there. While the DIY laminated charts were functional, she couldn’t shake the desire for a more aesthetically pleasing solution. She envisioned a product that seamlessly integrated into their home environment, combining practicality with elegance. With a background in corporate life, Megan decided to pivot her career and dedicate herself to bringing her vision to life.

Thus, Second Scout was born—a brand committed to creating innovative products that simplify parenting while enhancing children’s independence and confidence. The flagship product, the Routine Helper, revolutionises the way kids engage with their daily routines. Utilising a unique magnetic timber design, the Routine Helper features easy-to-understand pictures that guide children through morning and evening tasks. With the satisfaction of flipping tiles to reveal stars upon completion, children are motivated to tackle their responsibilities with enthusiasm.

Another beloved product from Second Scout is the Little Agenda Weekly Planner, designed to provide children with a visual roadmap of their week. By using magnetic picture tiles to answer common questions like “do we have swimming today?” or “how many sleeps until my birthday party?” the Little Agenda empowers children to anticipate and prepare for upcoming events, fostering a sense of control and confidence.

At its core, Second Scout is more than just a brand—it’s a parenting hack, a tool that lightens the mental load for parents while actively involving children in their own routines. By harnessing the power of simple yet effective design, Second Scout products empower children to take ownership of their responsibilities, setting them on a path towards independence and success.

In a world where the demands of parenting can often feel overwhelming, Second Scout stands as a beacon of innovation and empowerment, helping families navigate the ups and downs of daily life with ease and grace. With Megan’s passion and dedication driving the brand forward, Second Scout continues to redefine the way we approach parenting, one magnetic tile at a time.


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