Lana Botanical Recovery Bath Soak


A beautiful relaxing mix of salts and botanicals to assist with postpartum recovery.

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A beautiful relaxing mix of salts and botanicals to assist with postpartum recovery. This has been designed as a multi-use product; for use in bath to soak away aches and pains that arise from birth. For use in a shallow sitz bath to help heal tears, sutures and haemorrhoids or to be used in a peri-bottle for relief during and after using the toilet.

Every ingredient has been carefully chosen for its unique healing and relaxing properties:

  • Epsom salts - reduce swelling improves circulation and soothes aching muscles

  • Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - cleansing, purifying and helps promotes sleep

  • Calendula petals - wound healing and anti inflammatory properties

  • Chamomile flowers - antibacterial and soothing properties

  • Lavender flowers - calming, antibacterial and reduces inflammation

  • Comfrey leaf - reduce inflammation and assists with bruising

  • Raspberry leaf - relief of afterbirth pain/cramps, reduces swelling and promotes tissue repair

  • Yarrow - promotes wound healing, assists with blood loss and provides haemorrhoid relief.

This soak comes with a reusable cotton muslin bag for steeping.


Add half a cup to a warm bath (or shallow sitz bath) and soak for at least 20 minutes to help alleviate postpartum discomfort, such as swelling, sutures, bruising and haemorrhoids). Recommended for daily use. Can also be used during pregnancy. Please dispose of leftover botanicals in the compost or green bin.

For use in a peri bottle: Steep in the provided cotton muslin bag in boiling water and once cooled, transfer the clear tea to a peri bottle to use directly on the site daily, especially after using the toilet.


Natural Epsom salt, Natural Pink Himalayan salt, Raspberry leaf*, Calendula flower*, Yarrow leaf*, Comfrey leaf, Chamomile flower, Lavender flower, Lavender and Roman Chamomile pure essential oils.
*Denotes certified organic

Avoid contact with eyes. Use only as directed. If sensitivity occurs, rinse and discontinue use immediately. Always consult your Maternal Health Care provider when using products during pregnancy and postpartum.

350 grams



Using carefully curated blends of essential oils, dried botanicals and healthy nutritional ingredients, Lana products are designed to nourish the expecting mother through all stages of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.Lana products are thoughtfully handmade in small batches in South Australia.


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