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Introducing the Hoppediz Primeo full-buckle baby carrier, a versatile and convenient option designed to accompany you and your little one from the very beginning. With its unique buckle closure system, this carrier offers simplicity and ease of use.

The Primeo ensures optimal comfort for both you and your little one, allowing you to embark on a journey of closeness and love right from the start.



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Experience the ultimate comfort and functionality with the Hoppediz Primeo full-buckle baby carrier. Designed with special wrap straps, this carrier distributes the weight of your baby onto the bone structure of your body, providing relief to your muscles and minimizing strain on your sensitive neck muscles.

Even with crossed straps, you can effortlessly put on the carrier before adding your child, adjusting it to your personal comfort. This ensures a stress-free and secure experience for both you and your little one. The Primeo features markings on the harness straps for easy size adjustment, making it suitable for users of different sizes.

Crafted from high-quality cross-stretch sling fabric, our Primeo carrier offers a perfect fit for parents and children of all body sizes. Embrace the utmost comfort and safety with the Hoppediz Primeo full-buckle carrier.

Suitable for babies from 2.5kg up to 15kg.


  • Quickly fastened, like the straps of a backpack
  • Can be used as a front or back carrier
  • With WrapCon straps
  • Can be adjust and put on without baby
  • One size fits all, fits up to 165cm waist
  • Small and light pack size
  • Developed with babywearing schools and babywearing consultants


Care Instructions: To ensure optimal care for your item, we recommend placing your carrier in a wash bag and washing it in temperatures of no more than 40°C. Please do not use fabric softener, as it may affect the performance of the fabric. Additionally, it's important not to exceed a spin cycle speed of 1000 tours and please DO NOT Tumble Dry.


Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton Cross Twill

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