Frida Baby Easy Clip Nail Kit

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Tackle all of your trimming troubles without nicking baby’s sensitive skin with the NailFrida SnipperClipper Set. See what you’re snipping through the safety spyhole and nail that mani/ pedi every time.

NailFrida’s specially curved blades mimic the shape of a baby scissor and are uniquely designed for smooth and silent snipping. Smooth sharp corners with the curved S-file that’s shaped just for baby- a must for newborn care.

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  • Curved file smoothes jagged nails
  • Scissor-like, curved blades cut smoothly and easily
  • Safety spyhole shows what you're clipping

Instructions for use:

  1. Place baby's fingernail between the curved clipper blades starting at the end where the blades overlap.
  2. While clipping follow curvature of baby's nail, like a scissor
  3. Use safety spyhole to see where you're clipping and avoid nicking fingertips.
  4. After clipping, use the S-Curved file to smooth any rough edges.


Care and Safety: This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.  Contains small parts and edges.


Frida Baby

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