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Why Invest?

Why invest in professional photography or hire a professional newborn photographer you ask?

As a new parent (and even if you’ve done it all before) the first few weeks are a little stressful. From lack of sleep and figuring out a regular routine it can be hard. Even though newborns sleep a lot, they still fuss. How relieving would it be knowing you will have these precious memories captured without physically having to exert a lot of time and energy yourself. You can take your new baby to your photographer and sit back and relax while they do all the work!

Professional Photography is an investment for a LIFETIME. Think of all the things we decide to invest in once we find out we’re expecting? Car seats, prams – the list goes on. However what else can you honestly say lasts a lifetime? Those things don’t. Photographs do! They have the ability to take us back in time, they make us smile as we replay these moments back to ourselves – Just AMAZING!

They aren’t just photographs, they are your family’s heirloom. They will hang on your walls and be cherished forever. They will also be cherished by your children for their lifetime, and make your house a loving home. Ultimately these photographs are part of our legacy.

Professional Photographers are just that. You will know that your baby is in the safest of hands. A Professional Newborn Photographer will have confidence in knowing how to handle and pose your precious little one. They’ll know the best lighting, angles and have specifically trained in putting your baby’s safety above anything else.

Lastly, there is only a small window of opportunity to capture Newborn Photographs. Your little one will change so much even in the first few weeks, wouldn’t it be amazing to have their tiny little features frozen in time so you can keep being reminded of just how they started out in this life? To me, this is priceless!

Also just so you know, I’ll let you in on a secret – even professional photographers invest in hiring other professional photographers to capture their families too!

Keep smiling, Rachel x

Little Oak Studio’s Top 5 Tips for Photographing your New Baby!

  1. Find a well-lit area, for example, near a window with soft filtered light and have your baby at a 45-degree angle to your light.
  2. Always shoot your camera down your baby’s face (there should be a little butterfly shadow under their nose).
  3. Make sure your baby is comfortable and happy, a full belly and a warm environment do wonders!
  4. Don’t forget to include close-up shots of their tiny, perfect details such as fingers and toes.
  5. Less is more, for beautiful and simple memories, make sure to remove any unwanted items or clutter from your background.

And a BONUS tip – Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get ‘Perfect’ photographs, enjoy your precious new baby!


If you are interested in booking your own session or want to gift a friend or family member a session, vouchers can be purchased here.

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